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To My World Sisters

Today, and everyday, I celebrate you. I celebrate your strength, ambition, resilience, joy and heart.

I see you stepping out of your comfort zone. Taking up space. Knowing your worth. Breaking stereotypes. Paving the way. Shining like the Goddess you are.

I celebrate you for living your true self.

I feel you when you question yourself. Appearing stuck. In your lows. Experiencing setbacks. When the weight of the world is unusually heavy.

I celebrate you for moving forward, even if the path is not linear.

I recognize my privileges, and I promise to do my best to stay humble, to listen and learn.

I celebrate you for fighting for what you believe in, and letting me know how to be a better ally.

To my Life Sisters

Thank you for being my tribe and my village. For your continued support and encouragement. For your beautiful, wild and extraordinary souls. Opening my heart up to you is the greatest gift.

I love you and I am forever grateful for your presence.

Happy International Women's Day. Today, and everyday.

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